Refer a friend to and Get Paid

In 2022, 24% (1 out of 5) of customers came to after being referred by their friends, family members or workmates, and 72.1% of the customers pointed out good customer service and product quality as the reasons they are customers of

Notably, did not pay customers for any recommendations they gave.

As a company, that data tells us that customers are happy with what they get from the company, and wish the same for their friends and family. We understand, that genuine appliances, electronics and cookware are not easy to come by, let alone having it sold and delivered to you at your convenience.

Whereas many people refer their friends out of kindness, and may not expect payment in return, we believe that acts of kindness should be appreciated.

Starting today, 6th March 2023, however, both new and loyal customers will be paid for every successful recommendation they make. All one has to do is share with their friends about and maybe help them to place the order. Once the order is received, the referrer is required to inform within 24 hours in order to claim their benefit.

Happy Shopping.