In founding Kweli.shop, one of the 3 core areas that we looked at besides quality and variety  was time and cost of delivery/shipping.

We promise to get every ready-made item to our customers in any part of Uganda within less than 2 days from the time they complete their order through any of our transaction taking channels.

Kweli-Home Deliveries

Orders to customers within Kampala have their items to their homes between 1 hour and 24 hours from the time they complete their order.

Once the ordered item is delivered, the customer pays with cash (if they had not yet paid) and an invoice receipt (electronic or print) is extended to the client to confirm the payment.

Nationwide shipping.

We dispatch orders from upcountry parts of Uganda typically in one hour from the time the client completes their order.

Preferred Time of the day.

Every customer of kweli.shop has the liberty to choose the exact time at which they would want to receive the items they have ordered. At the moment the customer can either choose morning, afternoon or evening.

Beautiful Homes. Stylish People.

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