is a trusted source of genuine electronics, productive-use appliances, and solar Products.

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5 years ago, it was as difficult for us to find and buy genuine household appliances, electronics and furnishing in Kampala, as it still is for 48 million people all around Uganda and indeed hundreds of millions of people across Africa today. The traditional e-commerce marketplace model only made the counterfeits problem worse.

Stephen Obeli Someday, a tech entrepreneur rallied two friends to start to make quality appliances and furnishing easy to find and buy irrespective of where they live, regardless of the time and day of the week.. is a trusted and affordable source of genuine electronics, productive-use appliances, and solar products in Uganda.

Since 2019, has been using e-commerce technology (online shopping), and flexible payments to empower individuals, families and businesses across Uganda to acquire genuine essential appliances and renewable energy products that they require to thrive and enjoy life.

With Kweli Advantage™, is simplifying consumer durables and solar products retail for electronics shops and freelance dealers by enabling them to purchase genuine products at wholesale price without buying in bulk. They can stock on demand so they don’t suffer losses due to unsold merchandise, offer more products to their existing customers without investing any capital and delivers directly to their premises within 24 hours of ordering, for free.


The mission of is to build a technology platform that empowers individuals, families, and businesses outside major cities to acquire the products they need to thrive and enjoy life.