Victron Energy Phoenix Inverter 2000VA 12V Smart 230V; Pure Sinewave Inverter, Bluetooth, Metal Casing

Original price was: UGX3,700,000.Current price is: UGX2,900,000.

Victron Energy Phoenix Inverter 2000VA 12V Smart 230V

The Inverter Smart is an efficient and reliable inverter. Built on our proven and field-tested inverter platform, it has a slimmer design and a full metal casing. Models are available in 1600VA, 2000VA, 3000VA, and 5000VA for 12, 24, or 48V systems.

It’s powerful enough to supply the most common plug-in appliances in your car, boat, caravan, or home. A toroidal transformer provides a high peak power surge capacity, stable voltage, frequency and high-quality sine-wave.  

Installation is simpler than ever before with terminals now more accessible for the installer, enabling a more professional finish. 

Bluetooth is built-in and makes setting up your high-power inverter easier.
Configure alarms, alarm relays, voltage cut-off, output voltage, frequency, eco-mode, and more, all from within VictronConnect.

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Victron Energy Phoenix Inverter 2000VA 12V Smart 230V




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