Lento 3.5kVA 48V Solar Hybrid Industrial Inverter; Solar Inverter with Inbuilt Charge controller, Made in India

Original price was: UGX3,090,000.Current price is: UGX2,799,000.

Lento 2100VA 24V Hybrid Inverter

  • Wattage: 3,500 watts (3.5kVA)
  • DC Voltage: 48V
  • User-friendly Wide LCD display for battery user interface. Smart Load sharing compatibility.
  • Monitoring/data logging feature for better system information at the user end (optional) Selectable charging current with high charging (HI) and Normal Charging (Low).
  • PV availability, battery charging from solar power indication with solar power priority.
  • User-friendly control and selection switches with LCD indication on the front panel.
  • Protections such as Mains MCB Trip, Overload, Short circuit, Battery low, over temperature indication with buzzer as well as display on LCD available Power Saving through No Load Shutdown Feature.
  • Maximum Solar Power Utilization during charging and backup mode » PV pole reversal protection indication on LCD discharge battery charging from A.C. Mains as well as SolarNo humming Noise (Silent UPS).
  • AC Mains available, battery charging/charged and its voltage indication provided on LCD display Triple Modes of operation (EC/SC/QC) Grid bypass option available.
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Lento 3.5kVA 48V Solar Hybrid Industrial Inverter

Solar Hybrid Systems (PCU) are ideal in case of higher loads. The hybrid solar system features a bank of solar photovoltaic modules tied to a bank of batteries with a controlling interface. The controlling interface is the critical component here. Lento has designed a superior computerized digital controller with these features:

  • Monitoring of battery voltage, optimum battery charging, state of battery charge monitor, low voltage and overload cut out.
  • Quick battery charging mode using solar or mains power or both with the controller sensing SPV module power and switching to mains if the voltage is low, as happens in rainy conditions.
  • Switch over of load to solar when the monitoring unit senses it can bear the load. Lento controller monitors and seamlessly switches power in milliseconds, making it ideal even for sensitive electronic devices like computers.
  • DSP-based sine wave output with fixed 50 Hz 230 V sine wave output. This enhances the reliability and durability of equipment designed to work on sine waves such as air conditioners, refrigerators, tube lights and fans.
  • Energy conservation is highest while battery backup is longest in our DSP-based solar hybrid systems


Lento Uganda

Lento 3.5kVA 48V Solar Hybrid Industrial Inverter; Solar Inverter with Inbuilt Charge controller, Made in India Hybrid Inverters 4


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