8 Things to consider when buying a laptop in Uganda

8 things to consider when buying a Laptop in Uganda

Starting your shopping experience by asking “how much” is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, even worse, when buying a laptop. This is because most retailers have a laptop for just about any price and won’t shy away from taking your money.

In this article, I remind you of 8 things to consider before making your laptop purchase. I hope it helps.

1. Why do you need the laptop?

You definitely want a laptop for various reasons but there should be one that outweighs all the others. Being clear about your reason for buying the device will help you make a perfect choice; a laptop that can do exactly what you want it to help you do.

2. The condition; new, refurbished or used?

Laptops sold in Ugandan shops are mostly refurbished, reconditioned, and used (second-hand). However, top distributors and a few retailers like Kweli.shop do sell brand new laptops. There are various reasons for not buying a new laptop and if you are convinced about your reason then there is no need to go for a new one. 

If you are planning to use the laptop for many years to come then the better thing to do is buy a new laptop from a vendor you can trust.

3. Key specifications; Processor, RAM, Storage, Camera and battery.

The key specifications to look at depend on your specific needs. Many of the specifications are not easy to understand so I will encourage you to get technical advice from your laptop seller of choice before making the purchase. At Kweli.shop we give this advice for free.

4. Slimminess/Weight. 

If you need a laptop that you can often move with, we advise that you choose one that is slim and lightweight as they are easier to carry around. In fact, you may even buy a Mini-laptop if screen size is not as important to you.

5. The colour

Yes, laptop colours matter, a lot. As you go shopping for a laptop, think about the color that you want to have and search among those otherwise going on a blind search might soon get you confused.

6. The Budget; price.

Thanks to online shopping, you can easily check out laptop prices, days, weeks and months before you make a purchase. We’d advise you to start your search when you already have a  budget and stick to your budget.

A better way to set a budget is to have a flexible range like Ush 2.5-3m rather than just fixing it at UGX 2.5m. The best laptop for your requirement might come at a price of just UGX 100,000 above your set fixed amount.

7. Where to buy from.

Where you buy your laptop from may be the difference between buying counterfeit and buying genuine laptops. 

8. Warranty

All new, genuine laptops come with a free manufacturer’s warranty of not less than 1 year. Check that you are given this assurance before you make the purchase.