Tefal Pro Style Garment Steamer IT3420M0; 1700 watts, 1.5 liters


Tefal Garment Steamer IT3420M0

  • Extra-large detail metal head for high precision
  • Highly convenient upright steamer with no need of an ironing board
  • Suitable for all varieties of garments, perfect for last-minute touch-ups and everyday steaming needs
  • 1700 W of power and a continuous steam output of 30 g/minute for efficient steaming sessions
  • Quick 45-second heat-up time
  • Removable 1.5-litre water tank for greater convenience
  • 3 levels of steam to fit all kinds of fabrics: From the most delicate to the thickest
  • Convenient accessory: a fabric brush for heavier fabrics
  • De-calc solution for long-lasting performance
  • 1 year free Tefal warranty
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Tefal Pro Style Garment Steamer IT3420M0


Time saving & precision

Large metal steam head with pointed tip to remove creases efficiently on  all fabrics 

Fast Heat up 

No need to go to the dry cleaner. Linen care sessions are made quicker with a fast 45-second heat-up time and no need for an ironing board.

Ease of use

Simple on/off setting and a 1,5L water tank with continuous refill, for up to 40 minutes of steaming. Perfect for intensive steaming sessions and last-minute touch-ups.  

Refreshes & Sanitizes

1700 W of power and a steam output of 30 g/min provides deep diffusion through fabric fibers to refresh and sanitize all types of garments.

Adapted to all fabrics

3 levels of steam output to remove creases on all kind of fabric, even the most delicate.

Fabric brush included

Fabric brush that opens the weaves of the fabric for better steam penetration, ideal to remove creases on thick fabrics. 

 Long-Lasting Performances

 Easy descaling solution through rinsing system


Tefal Uganda

Tefal Pro Style Garment Steamer IT3420M0; 1700 watts, 1.5 liters Garment Steamers 5


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