Tefal Perfect Bake Rectangular Cake Oven Dish 26cm, J5547202


  • PERFECT RELEASE of your favorite charlottes and cakes, thanks to the exclusive non-stick coating of this mold
  • HIGH STRENGTH AND DURABILITY: this cake mold is made of 100% recycled aluminum, twice as strong as conventional aluminum
  • PERFECT COOKING RESULTS: thanks to the homogeneous heat distribution provided by recycled aluminum
  • MADE IN 100% RECYCLED ALUMINUM: up to twice as strong as traditional aluminum * Ultra ecological alloy, requiring up to 95% *** less energy for its manufacture; *** Recycled aluminum compared to new aluminum extraction
  • ECO-RESPONSIBLE: recyclable product with safe non-stick coating (no PFOA, no lead, no cadmium ****); **** Stricter controls than those required by current food contact regulations. Lead and cadmium free means no intentional addition of lead and cadmium in the coatings. No migration at a concentration of 0.005 mg / kg
  • EASY TO CLEAN: the non-stick coating is guaranteed to be PFOA-free, lead-free, cadmium-free
  • MADE IN FRANCE by Tefal, World No. 1 ** for cookware; ** Source: Euromonitor International Ltd, Home and Garden 2019 edition, in-store brand value (RSP), 2018 data

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Tefal Perfect Bake Rectangular Cake Oven Dish 26cm, J5547202 Oven Dishes 5


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