Tefal Deep Fryer, 1.2kg, 2.1 liters – FF161127

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Tefal Deep Fryer: Filtra One, easy frying for the whole family!

With Filtra One, prepare up to 1.2 Kg of perfectly crispy, homemade French fries for everyone!

  • 2 kg of fresh fries, an ideal capacity for families.
  • Thanks to the CooWall technology, you can fry without any risk, very safe to use.
  • MaxiFry is very easy to use with the on/off switch, its indicator light, the automatic lid opening, or the carrying handle for the transport.
  • You can set your temperature with the adjustable thermostat from 150° to 190°.
  • With its very compact size and the folding basket handle, MaxiFry will fit perfectly in any kitchen and will be very easy to store.
  • That’s not all! All removable parts (lid and basket) are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.
  • Enjoy up to 1.2 kg of delicious French fries thanks to Maxifry!
  • 1900 watts

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 Oil stays always clean

 Filter your oil in one single action



 Patented oil filtration

 Tefal features a unique filtration technology that is worldwide patented. With oil filtration, you will make sure that your oil stays always clean, thus lasts longer.


 Patented filtering mesh

 The filtering mesh is placed inside the bowl and stays there during the whole frying process. Once your frying is done and your oil has cooled down, you can filter it in one single action. It is very easy and very convenient too.




Tefal Uganda

Tefal Deep Fryer, 1.2kg, 2.1 liters – FF161127 Deep Fryer 4


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