Panasonic Rice Cooker 1.8L, 600W – SR-W18FGS


  • 1.8 Litre capacity
  • Keep warm function – up to 5 hours
  • Anodized aluminum cooking pan
  • Non-Stick Pan.
  • Big and smooth surface of cast heater conducts heat efficiently
  • Thermostat for precision control
  • Thermal fuse to protect the unit from burn out
  • Included accessories: r
  • Rice scoop and measuring cup included

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Panasonic Uganda

Panasonic is a major Japanese manufacturer of electric appliances and consumer electronics products. Headquarters are in Kadoma, near Ōsaka - Japan
Panasonic Rice Cooker 1.8L, 600W –  SR-W18FGS Rice Cookers Rice Cooker 3


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