Moulinex Sandwich Maker, Panini & Grill, – red – SM156843


700-watt Moulinex Sandwich Maker – Panini & Grill Sandwich Maker

  •  Ultracompact – Easy to store
  •  Non-stick coating
  •  Locking latch for maximum safety
  •  Pilot lights On/Off and end of preheating
  •  Insulated handle to cook in complete safety
  •  Cord storage

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Moulinex Sandwich Maker, Good for sandwiches, paninis, and all breads. Ultracompact Moulinex Sandwich Maker SM156843

  • Discover the simplicity of making delicious and various sandwiches or grilled meat with this sandwich maker. Thanks to its non-stick coated plates, the cleaning is simple.
  • The vertical and cord storage also makes it the perfect product: small and convenient, it becomes easy to keep and store in your kitchen.
  • With the pilot light on/off and end of preheating that helps you make perfect meals, this sandwich maker is also extremely safe thanks to the locking latch and insulated handle.
  • Safe, simple, and easy to use, this sandwich maker will make you enjoy every single sandwich you make

Additional information

Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 26.2 × 28.2 × 12.6 cm


Moulinex Uganda

Moulinex Sandwich Maker, Panini & Grill, – red – SM156843 Sandwich Makers 8


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