Lento Solar System wtith 32″ Smart TV, up to 9 Lights, Phone Charging


Lento Solar System with 32-inch Smart TV

The package is suitable for

  • Small family
  • 1, 2 or 3 bedroomed House
  • Lighting
  • Small TV (32 Inch)
  • Phone charging
  • Laptop charging

Included in this offer/package

  • Solar Panel 165 watts, 12 volts, Polycrystalline – Made in India
  • 100AH 12V Sealed Maintenance-free Battery, Made in India
  • 400VA 12V DSP Sine Wave Inverter; Hybrid with Inbuilt Charge controller, Made in India
  • 32-inch Hisense TV with built-in free-to-air receiver
  • 9pc 5w energy saver bulbs
  • 15x  6mm DC Cables 
  • 1x Panel Stands
  • Labour for solar system installation

NOT included in this package (optional)

  • House wiring
  • Materials for house wiring
  • Labour for house wiring
  • Bulb holders
  • Switches
  • Sockets

Warranty/Returns: 1 Year

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