Kweli 2.4kWh-1.1kVA-LSMF Power Backup System; Run 10-15 bulbs, TV, Small Fridge, Phone & Laptop charging for up to 18 hours


Kweli 2.4kWh-1.1kVA-LSMF Power Backup System

The system features;

  • Highly efficient 2.4kWh Luminous Sealed Maintenance-free Battery
  • 1.1kVA 12V Luminous Hybrid Inverter.
  • Charge with Umeme/Grid or charge with Solar.
  • Low battery protection
  • Overload protection
  • Built-in changeover to automatically switch to the backup when power goes off
  • Built-in charge controller 
  • Wide operating panel voltage range
  • 1-year FREE warranty

This power backup system can power the following;

    • TV
    • 10-15 lights
    • Phone charging
    • Laptop charging
    • Small fridge
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Kweli 2.4kWh/1.1kVA-LSMF Power Backup System

The Kweli 2.4kWh/1.1kVA Power Backup System is a dependable solution which is designed to keep your essential appliances running smoothly, even during unexpected power outages. With a total storage capacity of 2.4 kWh, this system ensures you have more than enough energy reserves to rely on when you need it the most. Whether you’re running 10 or 15 bulbs, powering a TV, keeping a small fridge cold, or ensuring your phones and laptops stay charged, the Kweli Power Backup System has you covered for up to 18 hours, offering you peace of mind and uninterrupted comfort during extended periods without grid power.

Investing in the Kweli Power Backup System provides you with essential backup power and offers you a reliable and hassle-free solution to keep your daily routines unaffected by power disruptions. Whether you’re at home, managing a small business, or simply seeking an extra layer of security for your electrical needs, this system delivers consistent performance and ensures that your critical devices remain operational. With its efficient energy storage and dependable operation, the Kweli Power Backup System is a practical investment that empowers you to confidently navigate through any power outage, allowing you to stay connected, productive, and comfortable at all times. Don’t wait until the next blackout strikes; secure your peace of mind today with the Kweli Power Backup System.


Luminous Solar Uganda

Kweli 2.4kWh-1.1kVA-LSMF Power Backup System; Run 10-15 bulbs, TV, Small Fridge, Phone & Laptop charging for up to 18 hours Power Backup System 3


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