Elekta Hot & Cold Water Dispenser with Cabinet & Cup Storage – EWD-727SC


Elekta Water Dispenser Specs/highlights:

  • Cooling  Capacity: 5℃~10℃, 2L/H
  • Hot Capacity: 85℃~95℃, 5L/H
  • Power: 80 watts (cooling), 550 watts (heating)
  • Indicator: Led Lights Indicator
  • With Storage Cabinet
  • Hot and Cold Water
  • With Anti-dust Faucet Cover
  • With Cup Holder
  • Over Heat Protection
  • Anti-overflow Protection
  • 12-months free service and parts warranty

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Hot & Cold Elekta Water Dispenser with Cabinet & Cup Storage

Elekta Water Dispenser EWD-727SC

For Hot And Cool Water With Cup Holder Easy To Store Cups And Storage Cabinet At The Bottom. For Fast And Easy Of Making Coffee And Tea That Does Not Require To Clean And Wash Your Mugs Because Cups Are Available In the Storage Cabinet.



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