BOSCH Built-in Microwave, 60cm – BFL524MS0B


  • Automatic safety switch off Door contact switch
  • AutoPilot, 7
  • LED light
  • Integral cooling fan
  • Electronic open button
  • LED Display, white
  • Side opening door, left hinged
  • 25.5cm Glass turntable
  • Cavity inner surface: Stainless steel
  • Electronic clock timer
  • Rotary dial, Retractable control dials, Touch controls, round, Start button
  • Touch key operation
  • Maximum microwave power level: 800 W and the following options 180 W, 360 W, 600 W, 800 W, 90 W
  • 4 defrost and 3 cooking programmes in microwave function
  • 1 memory setting
  • Cavity volume: 20 l
  • 130 cm Cable length
  • Total connected load electric: 1.27 KW
  • Nominal voltage: 230 – 240 V
  • Appliance dimension (HxWxD): 382mm x 594mm x 317mm
  • Niche dimension (HxWxD): 362mm – 365mm x 560mm – 568mm x 300mm
    For installation into a 60 cm wide wall unit, installation in tall housing
    Please refer to the dimensions provided in the installation manual
  • Accessories: 1x Turntable

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The BOSCH built-in microwave for the 38cm niche: use it for thawing, heating and perfect preparation of foods.

Additional information

Dimensions 38.2 × 59.4 × 31.7 cm


Bosch Uganda

A brand from Germany, Bosch's high-quality home appliances make life easier and more enjoyable
BOSCH Built-in Microwave, 60cm – BFL524MS0B Built-in Microwave Ovens 9


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