Ariston 11kg Front Loading Washing Machine with Steam NLLCD1165SCAD EX, Pre Wash, and Stop & Add Wash, Inverter Motor, Silver

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Ariston 11kg Washing Machine

  • Suitable for a large family
  • Stop and Add
  • Active Care
  • Steam Hygiene
  • Steam Refresh
  • Inverter Motor
  • Woolmark
  • Wash capacity; 11 kg
  • Energy Superdeclaration : A+++-20%
  • Annual water consumption annual (l/annum) : 13100
  • Annual energy consumption annual (kWh/annum) : 209
  • Maximum spin speed (rpm) : 1600
  • Spin drying performance class : A
  • Noise level spinning (dB(A) re 1 pW) : 78
  • Noise level washing (dB(A) re 1 pW) : 56
  • 1-year service and parts warranty


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Ariston 11kg Front Loading Washing Machine NLLCD1165SCAD EX Inverter Motor, Silver

Active Care

Thanks to the innovative ActiveCare system, the new Hotpoint washing machine takes care of your garments by removing more than 100 stains at only 20°C*. You just need to choose one of 6 Active washing cycles and then press the dedicated button to add your Active Care. The system will activate: The Active Mousse: a pre-mixed of water & detergent, which increases the cleaning power by up to +60% * and allows to wash at 20° C. The Active Drum: the drum is able to make up to 10 different multiple movements that allows to treat more than 100 stains**. The Active Load: the sensor is able to detect the load size and it optimizes accordingly the water quantity & washing time needed for the cycle. *Results obtained on Anti Stain 40° program and ActiveCare option activated. Example of stains tested: pizza, coffee, pen ink, milk with cacao, bronzer, mud.

Steam Hygiene

With steam it’s possible to purify your garments even doing your laundry at low temperature, eliminating 99,9% of bacteria.

Steam Refresh

Steam Refresh is the ideal cycle to regenerate your clothes avoiding unnecessary washing (saving time, energy and water).

Stop & Add

It happens many time to start the washing machine and after few minutes to realise you forget to add a T-shirt or your favourite jeans. With Stop&Add, you are sure you can add any forgotten garments during the first minutes of the cycle*, without compromising washing performance. *until the icon “Stop&Add” is lighted on the display, you can add garments without

Inverter Motor

This Hotpoint Washing machine’s Inverter Motor is designed to ensure a long lasting performance and to improve end results.


Extremely delicate action to wash woollen garments, ensuring a perfect clean without making your clothes lose their original softness. This cycle has been approved by the Woolmark Company as a valid wash to use on woollen garments with the “Hand wash” label.

Energy Class A+++ -20%

The technology employed in Hotpoint washing machines allows notable energy savings.


Ariston Uganda

Ariston 11kg Front Loading Washing Machine with Steam NLLCD1165SCAD EX, Pre Wash, and Stop & Add Wash, Inverter Motor, Silver Washing Machines front load washing machine 3


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