Government starts distributing free 13kg gas cylinders to 1 million households

Cleaning Cooking for Everyone!

In a bid to encourage more  Ugandans to make a shift to cleaner cooking solutions, the Government of Uganda started the distribution of free cooking gas cylinders and burners across the country.

Solomon Muyita, the communications manager at the ministry of energy and mineral development said one million gas cylinders and burners have been manufactured and ready for distribution.

“The use of cooking gas by households stands at 0.8%, but Government wants to increase to 30% in the next 10 years,” he added.

“Government will continue making cylinders and distributing them together with the burner. We want to protect forests. Gas cooks faster. The prohibitive factors for using gas have been the cylinders and burners which the government is giving out freely,” Muyita said.

The cylinders will be distributed through Shell, Total Energies Marketing Uganda Ltd (Total) and Stabex International starting 12th July 2022.

This story originally appeared in the New Vision.